Application of advanced Low alloy steels

for new high temperature components

(ALoAS, RFS-PR-02032)



The long term performance of similar and dissimilar welded joints in the creep resistant steels is often life-limiting in the design and operation of high temperature power and process plant.  For the new low alloy steels (T/P23 and T/P24), long term creep data on welded joints are not currently available, and the microstructural evolution of welds and base material is not well understood.  It is necessary to investigate these factors to develop design data, welding consumables and welding procedures to minimise the risks of plant service failures at similar and dissimilar welds. (EDIT IN FREIBURG)


The aims of the project are the following;

  • Mechanical and microstructural assessment of base materials,
  • Development of weld material and welding procedure to avoid the “bore cracking” phenomenon,
  • Mechanical and microstructural assessment of similar and dissimilar welding,
  • High temperature design and assessment of welded components including welded pressure vessels and pipework,
  • Microstructural modelling to predict changes as a function of time and temperature in service operation.
  • Piping integrity assessment under realistic loading conditions by combined thermal hydraulic system analysis and stress analysis tools.



Project time frame

Started 1.9.2003 and ends 31.08. 2007.


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